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Virtual IBAN For Paypal Verification (Bank Verification)

Our IBAN's are High quality and works with Paypal accounts who accept Europe BANK as bank verification.

Please do not forget to write your Full Name ( of your paypal account ) in Notes so we can link your name with the IBAN.

You will get the following details …

  • IBAN number
  • the 2 small budgets received to verify your account
  • This is only for the verification purpose . Not for withdraw purpose.


  • Works with your Full Name .
  • No limit (sending) .
  • Works with Only Europe Paypal Accounts (European Countries) .
  • Bank Verification .
  • Can Receive payments from your web stores .
  • Pre-approved Payment works.

NB1 : You will receive your IBAN number within 24h at maximum.

NB2 : You should let us know when you confirm your IBAN so we can send to you the two small amounts to verify your paypal account.